Friday, January 7, 2011

Royalty changes at iStockphoto are live

As announced earlier in September, iStockphoto implements the new royalty structure. This change caused a huge resonance within the microstock industry. Now the system is confirmed, and the only thing that has changed, is the structure of redeemed credit target. The changes were recently announced and can be found here: new royalty structure at iStockphoto.

Based on the previous year redeemed credit target, iStockphoto defines the starting royalty for 2011. And to be frank, it is still disappointing at least 90% of the microstock contributors. Despite the announced changes, these targets are just enormous. Even the exclusive contributors get less than non-exclusive at some other leading microstock websites. Well, only time will show what are the consequences of such decisions.

Also, you will need to agree with all changes of the iStockphoto Artist Supply Agreement. The next time you log in you will be directed to the new agreement.

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