Sunday, October 10, 2010

Image descriptions now matter more on Shutterstock

Shutterstock team has adjusted its search engine to consider image descriptions as more valuable than before. Now the descriptions are treated the same as keywords, according to Shutterstock. It means that you have to be careful when writing a proper description. Try to work on it as thoroughly, as you work on the keywords.

If you have previously neglected the description field, now it is time to start paying attention to it. First briefly describe the image in terms of who or what is shown there. Then mention what is the action on that image. Afterwards, you can add some adjectives and also a description of the conditions/environment. Now you have to put all the above into a one normal sentence. Try to implement one or few most significant keywords into it. Be sure not to spam and never duplicate many keywords in the description field.

This alteration of the search engine will somewhat shuffle a search order on a number of images. Let’s hope it will have a positive effect on your photos. If you are not yet at Shutterstock, come there and join the best selling image agency.