Monday, February 21, 2011

The new PantherMedia contributor portal

PantherMedia has launched their brand new contributor portal. They claim that the first priority while implementing was to speed up the submission process, especially for bulk images or whole series of images. The PantherMedia beta-testers have uploaded thousands of new images.

The PantherMedia contributor portal is now the fourth portal in a family next to the stock agency, the photo community and the blog. All sales relevant functions are bundled on this new platform. From upload to payout, you can find everything here that is important when selling photos online. 

The portal indeed seems to be quick, well-structured and easy to use! Check it out here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shutterstock introduces the Darkroom: Shape The Future of Shutterstock

Today Shutterstock is launching the Shutterstock Darkroom, a place for you to see contributor features in development. It will be used to show off new features and make sure developers are on the right track before deployment of these features to everyone. Every Darkroom page will have a feedback tab on the left, so you can tell Shutterstock team what you think.
The first two new features in the Shutterstock Darkroom are a new Content Editor (which some of you are already testing) and a new Image Gallery Stats page, designed as a better way to monitor your image statistics.
As you use these new tools, please remember a few things: Shutterstock Darkroom features are live and functional, but they are tests and might not work perfectly. Darkroom features have not been optimized for all web browsers, so developers recommend using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Latest iStock iPhone App

iStockphoto has released a new version of the official iStock iPhone App. Version 1.1 contains new features and improvements (hello recently accepted files), so you'll be spending even more time on iStock than usual. Get the App from iTunes.

Now let’s hope the Android app will also be published. Join iStockphoto to buy and sell photos online.