Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keymaster program changes at Dreamstime

The keymaster program from Dreamstime has been frequently used lately and those using the program might have seen an increase in the pending time for their images to be keyworded. At this point, the images submitted via this program are far too many for the existing keymasters to handle. There is a need to select new members as well as motivate the existing ones to work faster and better. Hence, it was decided to increase the price for this service. The new price is $0.60/file keyworded via this program.

The new pricing structure goes live as of December 15th. All images submitted and/or reviewed prior to this date that are pending for keywording are charged at the old $0.40 price. The price, although increased, is claimed to still be the lowest in the industry.

Dreamstime also points out that the images submitted for re-keywording are now given low priority for keywording. They will be keyworded but the pending time will be longer than that of newly uploaded files.

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